How do I edit or cancel my shipment? How do I edit or cancel my shipment?

How do I edit or cancel my shipment?

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1. Hover over the “Track” tab and click “Edit/Cancel.
2. When you are redirected to your shipments page, you will see a table with different details on your current and past shipments, click on the pencil and paper icon it to edit your desired shipment.
3. After clicking the icon, you will be redirected to a page similar to the initial shipping page where you can edit or make any changes to your shipment.
4. When you finish editing, click on “Get Rates”. Please note that any changes may affect the rates of the shipment.
5. You will be then transferred to the rates page again, if you need to change anything again before confirming, you can click on “Edit Shipment”.
6. After clicking on the desired rate and courier company click on “Submit Order”.
7. However, if you need to cancel a shipment, you will go back to the “Track” tab.
8. Then you simply click on the red icon (red x icon next to the edit icon) on the desired shipment.
9. You will then get a notification to confirm that you would like to cancel the desired shipment, press Ok and your shipment is will be canceled instantly.

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