How do I use SmartePost on eShipper? How do I use SmartePost on eShipper?

How do I use SmartePost on eShipper?

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1. Hover over the “Ship” tab and select “SmartePost”.
2. Fill in the “Batch Name” field with today’s date.
3. Make sure the “SHIP FROM” and “SHIP TO” sections are filled incorrectly.
4. Fill in the ” DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT” section. Click “Add another” to add another item to the package.
5. Click “Get Rates”.
6. Select your preferred rates. Different tracking options may be available. Click here for more information on different tracking options in the SmartePost program.
7. Click “Add” and in the confirmation window select “Yes”.
8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 to add another shipment to the batch.
9. When you’ve completed your batch, select “Proceed to Checkout” and in the confirmation window select “Yes”.
10. Confirm your address and shipment. Select whether you will drop off your batch at the CWS location in Brampton, Ontario in person or have it shipped.
11. If you select “I would like to ship this batch to the above CWS location,” you will be redirected to the shipping page to create a courier shipment to ship the batch to the Brampton location.
12. Book a courier shipment and print off the shipping label to ship your batch to Brampton.
13. Hover over “Track” and select “SmartePost Edit/Cancel”.
14. Find your shipments and select “Print Label.” Print off all labels and attach them to the appropriate shipments to send them from Brampton to their final destination


Please refer to the link below for a video walk-through.

How To: SmartePost Shipments

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