How do I create a shipment? How do I create a shipment?

How do I create a shipment?

Imran Kermalli Imran Kermalli

1. Once you have logged in to your eShipper account, you’ll see your shipping dashboard. Click on the “Ship” tab on the left toolbar.
2. To get a quote, hover over the “Ship” tab and click “Quote”.
3. Enter your “SHIP TO” and “SHIP FROM” postal codes without any spaces, then hit “Enter” on your keyboard to auto-populate the Country, State or Province, and City.
4. Next, enter your shipment weight and dimensions, then click “submit”.
5. Here, you’ll see our list of competitive rates from trusted carriers. You’ll be able to see the carrier, service, estimated transit time, a breakdown of charges, and the total price.
6. Select the rate you prefer then click “Create Order” when you’re ready to make your shipment.
7. Now you can fill out the rest of your shipping details. If you’ve saved the address to your address book, start typing out the company or customer name, and the rest of the information will auto-fill.
8. For your own in-house accounting purposes, we’ve included a “reference code” field so you can keep track of your shipping activity by department. Skip this step if you don’t have one.
9. Select any additional services you require such as a signature or residential delivery, then click “Get Rates”.
10. When you get to the rates screen, you’ll notice that fees for the additional services you selected will be added to the shipping charges.
11. Once you’ve selected a rate, click “Submit Order”.
12. You’ll find your shipping label on the next page. You can print this now or email it.
13. Once you stick the label to your package, you’re ready to ship it out.


Please refer to the link below in order to understand how to send your first package:

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