How do I arrange a pick up? How do I arrange a pick up?

How do I arrange a pick up?

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1. If you haven’t made a shipment already, go ahead and do so.
2. Once you have booked a shipment, hover over the “Track” tab and click “Edit/Cancel”.
3. When you are viewing your shipments, look for the column that says “Pick up Scheduled?”, you will see either a "Yes" with a confirmation number or you will see “No Schedule Pickup”. If the “Schedule Pickup” is clickable or underlined, that means that the option for scheduling a pickup is available for that shipment.
4. Click on Schedule Pickup. You will be redirected to the “CREATE PICKUP” page, where you will fill in your pick-up location and schedule a date and time for pick-up. Please allow at least a 2-hour time range for your pick-up.
5. After filling in all the information, click on “Request Pickup”.
6. You will then be redirected back to your orders page. You should notice the "Pick up Scheduled?" column now says "Yes" with a confirmation number provided. Please note you will need to schedule only one pickup per carrier for any shipments that you will send out on the same day.


Refer to the link below for a video walk-through: 

How to: Scheduling Pickups

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