What is eShipper insurance? What is eShipper insurance?

What is eShipper insurance?

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Any time you are shipping your packages valued over $100, you can choose to insure your items in case of loss or damage during transit. Please keep in mind, that for all courier shipments, the first $100 is free of charge but coverage of the value is up dependent on the commodity type and carriers’ decision.

You have two options for insurance:

Option 1: Carrier insurance is provided directly from the carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc). The cost differs from carrier to carrier for each $100 after the first $100.

Option 2: eShipper insurance, covered by our insurer in-house, is $1.25 for each $100 after the first $100, with a premium of $3.

Carrier insurance is usually 3x higher than eShipper insurance. You can always verify cost on the rates page.

Only eShipper insurance is available for LTL shipments.

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