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Guidelines on Claims

To ensure that your claims experience is smooth, please follow the below guidelines: A loss or damage claim should be submitted within 30 days of a shipment being delivered (the sooner the better) A service failure claim should be submitted within 10 calendar days Shipper’s Risk items only qualify for Lost shipments when insurance is purchased Please ensure to select Commodity Type when purchasing insurance Please ensure to print 3 copies of the High Value Insurance. Receipt when purchasing insurance over $1,000.00 CAD as some carriers require this document. Ensure the following documents are provided when submitting a claim: a. Sales Invoice b. Cost/ Purchase Invoice c. Photos of Damaged Product d. Photos of Damaged Box e. Photos of How the Shipment is Packaged * *Please allow eShipper 30-60 days to process your claim Do's and Dont's Do’s Package shipments properly using as much material (at least 2” of bubble wrap, use Styrofoam to cover entire product, etc.) to protect the product. Advise consignee to hold damaged shipment in its original packaging once a claim is submitted. When purchasing eShipper Insurance: declared value MUST be the selling Price (Sales Invoice) of the product (s). Dont's Do not use old/reused boxes to ship out products (carriers will deny claim as this is considered “improper packaging”). Do not move shipment (shipment needs to stay at the location until carrier completes damage inspection). Do not throw away damaged product and/or packaging. Do not over Insure or under insure the declared value of the product(s). Most common reasons why claims get denied: Improper Packaging Shipper’s Risk items Glass, China, Crystal, Porcelain, Figurines, Pottery/Ceramics, Precious metals, Liquids, Food, Perishables, Live Animals, Live Plants, TV’s, Original/Fine Art, Antiques, Personal Effect, Household Goods, Hazardous/Dangerous Goods, Shipments prohibited by law (see carriers Terms & Conditions) Insurer will not cover shipments/products containing the following: bills, currency, cellphones/cellular devices, deeds, evidence of debt, furs, original/fine art, money, notes, securities, perishable cargo (food, live plants – coral reefs, etc., live animals – fish, reptiles, etc.), unless endorsed in writing. For a full list of items click the link below for our Terms & Conditions.

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How do I submit a claim?
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